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Katherine is a knowledgeable and entertaining speaker on “all things” marketing.  She is experienced as a writer of website content, blogs, newsletters, and print promotional material and is a certified trainer in e-newsletter design and production.  Her presentation topics are diverse in topic and scope and vary from Low Cost/No Cost Marketing to Creating an Integrated Digital Marketing Plan to Content is Everything to Getting Started with Email Marketing to Marketing Trends and more…  Katherine also has had more than 20 years experience in direct mail marketing and presents a powerful workshop that can save a company from making money-wasting mistakes when planning their next direct mail campaign.


Katherine Jasmine began MarketingFIRST in 2005 after spending 20 years as vice president of marketing and research for two national educational publishing companies.  MarketingFIRST helps companies strategize their marketing and implement an integrated marketing plan that includes the marketing tools best suited to the company’s goals.  Katherine is an experienced content writer whose talents are often called upon by web developers and marketing directors for website, blog, newsletter, and promotional material content.

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Myrtle Beach




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Programs & Presentations

Low-Cost/No-Cost Marketing
Content is Everything
Creating an Integrated Digital Marketing Plan
Getting Started in Email Marketing
Just What is Engagement Marketing?
Marketing on a Shoestring
Business Logo Development
Trade Show Mistakes You Can Avoid
Branding Your Company – More Than Just a Logo
Marketing Success Tips
How to Work a Room – Successful Networking
Your Company Brochure – Do You Really Need One?

…. and custom-designed workshops/seminars/presentations for your organization or company.


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