This post was inspired by a beloved friend. We were speaking the other day and she was telling me about what sounded like an incredibly successful day. Then her face darkened and her shoulders drooped and she began to share with me what she felt she had screwed up. Tiny little nit-picky things that she was allowing to overcome her wins and bring her down.

This hurt my heart to watch. I knew she was an amazing person and yet, she only saw her “failures”. She was the first to own her mistakes and step up and say, “my bad”.  I very rarely heard her say, “My Win!”. That got me thinking, I asked her right then and there, “Why don’t you own your wins, when you are so quick to accept your failures?”. This took her back a bit, and she didn’t immediately have an answer for me.

Life hits us and hits us so incredibly hard on a regular basis. We allow ourselves to have “Mondays” and look forward to “TGIF”. We spend the weekend rushing to get life and laundry in only to do it all again Monday morning.

It’s draining to live life in the seven-day cycle, or by what the calendar has planned for you this month.  You get caught up in getting that email out or getting the kids to one more practice. You and your spouse may crash at the end of the week with little more energy than to say good night. It’s easy to let your boss, co-worker or even that person who honked at you when they were in the wrong, bring you down. You may be letting all these little fails and even some really big fails to define your success. STOP!

Own your wins! Own that kick ass parking job, own those stairs you climbed, own that library book you returned on time! Own your simple wins. Did you craft something from Pinterest and have it come out pretty close to what was shown? Own it! Did your kiddo give you an extra long hug when you dropped them off to school today? Own it! How did you win? I want you to start owning it.

If you start to put marks in your win column, you will be amazed at how quickly your perspective will turn around. Life will become happier and more productive. Don’t allow room within yourself to play the losses over and over again. Learn from them and then celebrate the win of a lesson. Move on and start to own your wins.

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