If you know me at all, it won’t be much of a surprise that I have created a company where we embrace a bit of fun on a regular basis.  Whether it’s an office outing to visit the art museum, donuts in the morning to celebrate a birthday or a mid-week Starbucks run there is usually something to break up the day. 

Last week, we carved out an hour to make  Thanksgiving hand turkeys. Yep, we took an hour out of the day to do an arts and craft project usually reserved for kindergartners. Not only that, but we also captured and showcased our handiwork by posting it on social media for all to see.

Now, why on Earth would we ever want to do this? Because we are incredibly vain and self-absorbed. Kidding, of course (kind of). The real reason? Because every company needs to make hand turkeys.

Every business can greatly benefit from devoting time out of their normal day, week or month for silly things.  To learn more about our Turkey adventures, read the entire post here. 



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